Kenya Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Midwives Education and Employment (KISSMEE)
Tunza Mama: perinatal education and support service
Jinamizi: teenage pregnancy
“Mashaa: Eventually We Grow”
AMREF Health Kenya: WASH Documentary
AMREF Health Italia: “Brothers of Pen and Paper” documentary
Zayed Sustainability Prize
“The Cut”: official trailer
COVID-19 Documentary
Kenya Ministry of Health: COVID-19 Vaccination for the training for the health care workers
Kenya Ministry of Health: National Taskforce Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout
UNFPA, AMREF Health Africa: Gender based violence in Samburu County
USAID, AMREF Health Africa: Youth in horticulture farming
USAID, AMREF Health Africa: Gender in horticulture farming and empowerment
USAID, AMREF Health Africa: Western Kenya Community on the Impact of Agri-Nutrition
WASH Alliance Kenya: No longer in the bush – Community lead total sanitation
WASH Alliance Kenya: Olmoitiany School WASH Club
WASH Alliance Kenya: A sand dam story – Shukaa Sand dam
WASH Alliance Kenya: Kerima Spring
ChildFund Zambia, AMREF Health Africa, MasterCard Foundation: Zambia Nurse and Life Skills Training Program (ZNLTP)
Zambia Nurse and Lifeskills Training Programme – A Beneficiary’s Experience
AMREF Health Italia: Millennium News n. 1: vinciamo la povertà
AMREF Health Italia: Millennium News n. 2: tutti a scuola
AMREF Health Italia: Millennium News n. 3: potere alle donne
  • Different perspective: UNESCO documentary (2007)
  • Millennium Football Van Bus (2010): A news series dedicated to the role that football plays among young people in Italy and Kenya in terms of social cohesion, redemption and peace
  • This is my Sister (2006): A story of Jane and her son Alvin who are both HIV positive and are supported by her sister Martha.
  • Different perspective: WSF documentary (2007)
  • Different perspective: WCCD documentary (2006)
  • Peter’s Dream (2005): the story of a street connected child named Peter who decided to go
    back to school
  • African Spelling Book (2005): A series of short films, written, narrated and filmed by a group of boys and girls living in the slums of Nairobi
  • Chombo (2003)
  • TV-slum documentary (2002): Documentary on Maternal Health Service In Kisii and Nairobi